Russian Arm

Double Action is proud to present the U-crane Arm Dynamic

In close cooperation with Filmotechnic Remote Systems we are now able to provide full service around the U-crane Camera Car. Including the newest generation of Flightheads and Equipment. The U-crane can now be booked directly from Hamburg, Germany saving you travel time and money while shooting in Germany.


The U-crane Dynamic is lightweight, compact and powerful. It is is designed to be able to perform under the most challenging conditions such as narrow roads, small sized sets, tunnels and parking garages. It is capable of 360° pan while tilting up and down allowing a wide range of impressively stable, smooth and very dynamic shots. Due to the low weight of the system and the powerfull Porsche Macan as its base, it is particularly usefull for shooting on race tracks and high speed chases on movie sets.


 Arm length 3.43 m

Tilt 45°, Pan 360°, + – 3 rotations

Pan speed max 6.5 sec

Tilt speed max 1.5 sec / 45°

Payload 24kg

Weight with camera max 180 kg

Max. speed up to 200 km/h


Please contact our German office for information and service:

Office: +49 40 570 32 24

Mail: info@double-action.de

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