Due to the fact that almost everyone drives a car, often what was thought to be a simple shot becomes very difficult because of common misconceptions of what it takes to drive a vehicle under limiting and controlled circumstances. Precision Drivers are always worth the cost in film and time saved. Considering the safety factor, they are mandatory.

Double Action Precision Drivers spend a lot of time and money learning to drive in precision formations, sliding, turning, spinning and drifting in sync with a camera car. They are qualified and reliable drivers who have worked on countless commercials, movies and tv shows, able to provide you with years of experience in stunts and precision driving.


We also work closely together with Filmotechnic Remote Systems driving their various Russian Arms and very often provide drivers behind and in front of camera at the same time. Being able to communicate on a very efficient level it is the perfect mix to get the shots needed in no time.


Double Action will gladly take care of your driving needs with trained and professional drivers. Responsibly and safe.